Yestin L. Harrison


Pijul is configured using config.toml files; users can take advantage of both global and repository-specific configuration.

Global configuration

The location of Pijul's global configuration depends on the conventions of the user's operating system; Pijul will first try to instantiate a global configuration in the user's congiruation directory according to this table. If pijul cannot access the conventional config location, it will fall back to the home directory, using $HOME/.config/pijul. If that fails, $HOME/.pijulconfig will be tried as a last resort.

Repository configuration

Users can take advantage of repository-specific configuration by editing the appropriate toml file: <repo>/.pijul/config.toml. Repository-specific configuration settings have a higher precedence than global configuration settings.


Items in a repository can be ignored by editing a repository's .ignore file. Pijul supports standard glob syntax in .ignore files.