Yestin L. Harrison

Pijul keys

Pijul keys are used to identify patch authors in a manner which provides greater security and control than simply mapping authors to a name and email address. The inclusion of a name and email address can be spoofed in a way that a key signature cannot. In addition, Pijul plans to take advantage of the fact that a user's name and e-mail address are no longer tied to their submitted patches, allowing users to later change the name and e-mail address that other users see when they look at previously submitted patches.

The keys Pijul uses to identify path authors are independent of any SSH keys a user may have to interact with a remote. SSH keys are purely for authorizing the transport of patches to/from the Nest, and are not part of Pijul as a version control system.

Generating keys

Users can generate a new key using pijul key generate <name>. The name used for this key is not required to bear any relationship to a nest username or SSH identity. During key generation, users will be asked for a password; on success, the location of the generated key will be displayed to the user (it should be the same directory as your global configuration). Pijul currently allows for the generation of one key at a time.

Proving keys

pijul key prove [options] <remote> is used to associate a key with a remote/nest identity. Patches submitted before using pijul prove will show only the key as the author.

Example (after key generation) :

pijul key prove <your_username>